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VIJAY POLYPLAST Pvt Ltd is the leading hdpe pipe manufacturers in Hyderabad since 1992, with well equipped modern machinery. Professionally managed production and high standard quality system to provide best quality product for its various applications.

Hdpe pipes|irrigation
hdpe pipe manufacturers in India|potable
Water transportation
potable drinking water
Hdpe pipe|submersible-pumps
Suitable for submersible pumps suction
and delivery of water
hdpe pipe manufacturers in hyderabad
Industrial effluents and
gas transmission
hdpe pipe manufacturers in india|Drainage-sewage
Drainage and sewage
Hdpe pipe manufacturer|chemical
Chemical industries
Hdpe pipe |sprinkler
Drip, sprinkler and lift irrigation


  • Abrasion Resistance and Light Weight easy to handle
  • It is normally joined by heat fusion. Butt, socket, create a joint that is stronger than the pipe itself and is virtually leak free.
  • Inner surface as smooth flow rate is more than others.
  • Inner surface has smooth flow rate
  • Their unique composition allows them to with stand temperature variations from - 40° C+ 60° C
  • It can be safely stored outside in the Sun without damage from UV exposure.
  • It is corrosion resistance
  • It has a projected life expectancy of 50 years transporting water at 30° C
  • Its more flexibility allows it to curve under, over and around obstacles as well as directional changes. It can be bent to a minimum radius of 20 to 40 times of pipe diameter.
  • Significant overall cost savings
Butt Fusion


There are many advantages of using these products that are important to farmers. VIJAY hdpe pipe manufacturers in hyderabad are light weight, easy to handle and transport, available in a broad range of sizes, and very reliable. hdpe pipe manufacturers in hyderabad .Butt fusions The most widely used method for joining individual lengths of large diameter polyethylene pipe is by heat fusion of the pipe butt ends. This technique, which precludes the need for specially modified pipe ends or couplings, produces a permanent, economical and flow-efficient connection. Field-site butt fusions may be made readily by trained operators using specially developed butt fusion machines that secure and precisely align the pipe ends for the fusion process.

<>VIJAY hdpe pipe manufacturers in hyderabad when compared to conventional pipes like GI, MS, CI, PVC, Concrete Pipes offer a lot more in terms of performance. The economy and life of these pipes are higher than any other. The installation, maintenance and ease of operation are all definite pluses.

<>VIJAY hdpe pipe manufacturers in hyderabadare available in 3 grades such as PE-63, PE-80 and PE-100 with pressure Ratings as PN-2.5, PN-4, PN-6, PN-8, PN-10, PN-12.5,PN-16 and PN-20 all sizes are available. Coiled pipe available from 20mm to 450mm diameter in specific pressure ratings. Length pipe is available all diameter in all pressure ratings as 6mtr to 12mtr length or as per customer requirement.

<>VIJAY hdpe pipe manufacturers in hyderabad when compared in terms of unit water delivered cost, are lower than any other pipe system. Rightly designed and properly laid HDPE pipe systems are practically maintenance free and warrant a minimum life of 50 Years.

<>VIJAY hdpe pipe manufacturers in hyderabad are widely used for agriculture Applications in the field of irrigation, drainage and water supply. HDPE pipes are selected over other conventional pipes as they are the least expensive option when comparing pipe materials, installation costs, and performance.

<>VIJAY hdpe pipe manufacturers in hyderabad is the best proven piping system for irrigation and drainage applications due to its unique properties. Flexibility and bending radius down to 200D reduce the need for fittings and lessen the pipe laydown area. HDPE piping systems are corrosion resistant and withstand salty water and corrosive conditions.